With BioLet/Mulltoa you get a good looking, easy-care biological toilet for your holiday home, with a closed system and no drainage. It’s manifactured in Sweden and is a true friend to the environment. No chemicals; just nature!

Almost as you would use any ordinary toilet. What’s special about BioLet/Mulltoa is that a composting process takes place inside the toilet. Thanks to patented technology that’s made BioLet/Mulltoa the most sold biological toilet in Sweden.

The BioLet/Mulltoa is almost free of maintenance, comfortable, fresh and good looking as an ordinary wc. And when it’s need to be emptied (1-2 times per season at recreational use) its only about 5-10% is left, the humus is like a gift back to nature.

Simple, comfortable, clean, fresh and sustainable.

Every BioLet/Mulltoa has a soft closing seat.

Compost cover with double functions, meaning that it opens regardless of whether you want to sit or stand.

Best in the test!

The new age indoor wc
To have a comfortable life you don’t need water or sewage for your toilet. There where three different toilets in the test; composting, freezing and incinerating toilets.